Many of you attended our 1st EPISKIN Academy Webinar (February 02, 2021):

ISO 10993-23 for biocompatibility of medical devices


For those who couldn't attend, you can now watch the recorded video by filling the form below. You will receive a direct link to the replay! 



The new ISO 10993-23 for bio-compatibility of medical devices introduces the shift from in vivo to in vitro for the assessment of irritation potential of medical devices.

This is a change in mindset for which industry needs to prepare. The EPISKIN Academy webinar will cover irritation of medical devices, the scientific reasoning, the added value and the current limits of this new strategy. The training part of the Webinar – live broadcasting of the hands-on part of the assay - is a unique opportunity to discover all the tips and tricks of this protocol through an in laboratory session covering all the steps of the protocol.


Webinar’s agenda

Introduction (5 minutes): Alain Alonso – Sales and Marketing Director & Christian Pellevoisin - Scientific Director of EPISKIN Academy
EPISKIN – Presentation of the Company (5 minutes): Alain Alonso – Sales and Marketing Director
Production and Quality Controls (5 minutes) : Anne-Sophie RIGAUDEAU – Production Director
ISO 10993-23, a shift from in vivo to in vitro assays for irritation of medical devices (25 minutes) :Christian Pellevoisin – Scientific Director of EPISKIN Academy
Live Demonstration of the in vitro assay for medical devices with 3D RECONSTRUCTED MODELS (10 minutes) : Christelle Videau - Scientific Customer Experience Manager
SkinEthic RHE

Q&A (30 minutes)
03:30 pm: End of the 1st EPISKIN Academy Digital Event
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