Skin Immune Response


Skin Immune Response 




The skin immune response is a wide area encompassing many pathways and events both physiological and pathological. As the RHE-LC model contains CD207+ Langerhans cells, it is expected to be useful for researcher to study some of those skin immune response mechanisms and/or to evaluate the effect of some compounds on the skin immune response.


Skin sensitization is an obvious application that comes to mind. And internal studies have shown that sensitizers can induce the overexpression of some Langerhans cells activation markers such as CD80, CD86 and CCR7 measured by RT-qPCR.


Although no specific study has been performed on the following topics, one can expect that the RHE-LC model might be useful to study pro-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory properties of actives.





 SkinEthicTM RHE-LC - Reconstructed Human Epidermis with Langerhans Cells





Cellular mechanistic investigation on antigen delivery by Viaskin path for epicutaneous immunotherapy with Reconstructed Human Epidermis including Langerhans Cells (SkinEthicTM RHE-LC). D. Vincent1, C. Pellevoisin2, M. Ligouis1, F. Sahuc2, V. Dhelft1, M. Lucie1. 1DBV Technologies, Montrouge, France, 2EPISKIN, Lyon, France. Poster IID SID, 2018.