Oesophageal irritation

Oesophageal irritation



Similarly to all other non-validated tests, users are completely free to develop their own protocol and thus to get test perfectly adapted to their specific needs. This includes thus a multitude of possibility regarding protocol steps (pre-incubation, application, rinsing…) and used endpoints (biochemistry, molecular biology, OMICS, cell imaging...). Moreover the main advantage is the possibility to use well-known references as positive and negative control that may be different from regulatory toxicological ones.



Example of applications:

  • Safety assays:
    - profiling of potential local tolerance issues from developed compounds or products after oral administration on the oesophagus


  • Efficacy assays:
    - Genomic and transcriptomic signature of compounds for the treatment of Candidosis or Barret's disease (reflux)



 icone SkinEthic HO2E Oesophageal Epithelium SkinEthicTM HO2E



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