RHE-LC / Human Epidermal Model Langerhans cells




The SkinEthic™ RHE-LC model is a standard epidermal model in which Langerhans cells progenitors have been integrated. During the tissue reconstruction, these immature cells have differentiated into antigen-presenting Langerhans cells expressing the specific marker CD207 (langerin). They are mostly located and evenly spread within the supra-basal epidermal layer.

The SkinEthic™ RHE-LC model is therefore expected to be a useful tool for skin immune response studies.


Specific markers

Langerhans cells markers :

Differentiation markers:

  • Filaggrin
  • Involucrin
  • Loricrin
  • Keratin 10
  • Keratin 5
  • Presence of different epidermal classes of lipids comprising ceramides

Dermal-Epidermal junction markers

  • Type IV collagen
  • Laminin V
  • Alpha6Beta4-integrin
  • BP antigen

Proliferation markers

  • Ki67