SkinEthic HCE / Corneal Epithelium


SkinEthicTM HCE / Human Corneal Epithelium


The SkinEthicTM HCE model is composed of transformed human corneal keratinocytes cultivated on an inert polycarbonate filter at the air liquid interface in a chemically defined medium. The reconstructed tissue forms a stratified and well organized epithelium which is structurally, morphologically and functionnally similar to the  human cornea with presence of basal, wing and mucus production cells.

Specific markers

  • Keratin
  • CD44
  • Hémidesmosomes
HCE in vitro
in vitro



Cell Migration Model

Cell Migration Model


Cell Migration Models (CMM) are epidermal models on an innovative insert.


Epidermal or mucosal reconstructed on this insert are histologically similar to in vivo human epidermis and mucosa.