SkinEthic RHE 2.0 / Reconstructed Human Epidermis


SkinEthicTM RHE 2.0 / Reconstructed Human Epidermis


SkinEthicTM RHE 2.0 is an in vitro reconstructed human epidermis from normal human keratinocytes cultured on an inert polycarbonate filter at the air-liquid interface, in a chemically defined medium. Improved production so every single process is guaranteed devoid of any animal constituents and tissue production now guaranteed devoid of any animal components with traceability of all ingredients.


This model exists at different stages of maturity.


This model is histologically similar to in vivo human epidermis.

Specific markers

Differentiation markers:

Dermal-Epidermal junction markers

  • Type IV collagen
  • Laminin V
  • Alpha6Beta4-integrin
  • BP antigen

Proliferation markers

RHE in Vitro
in vitro



Cell Migration Model

Cell Migration Model


Cell Migration Models (CMM) are epidermal models on an innovative insert.


Epidermal or mucosal reconstructed on this insert are histologically similar to in vivo human epidermis and mucosa.