1995 Cell Biology and Toxicology 1995 Aug ;11 (3-4):167-171

Pharmacotoxicological Applications of an Equivalent Dermis - 3 Measurements of Cytotoxicity

The legal procedure for evaluating the toxicity of cosmetic, household, chemical and pharmaceutical products is still the irritancy Draize test on rabbits. Various irritation tests are currently being developed as alternatives to in vivo animal testing. Our in vitro model system is composed of 24 equivalent dermis (ED) comprising a chitosan-cross-linked collagen-glycosaminoglycan matrix populated by foreskin fibroblasts. In evaluating this system for irritancy testing, three different measures of toxicity were used: MTT (dimethylthiazol diphenyltetrazolium bromide) reduction, and lactate dehydrogenase and interleukin-ti release. The experiments described herein represent a preliminary evaluation to determine the usefulness and predictive value of our 24 ED kit as an alternative method for the prediction of human dermal reaction, versus three chemical products: cadmium chloride, lauryl sulfate, and benzalkonium chloride. Preliminary results suggest that the ED may be a useful in vitro model for the prediction of cutaneous and ocular toxicity and allow the development of a 24-skin-equivalent kit realized by seeding human normal keratinocytes onto the equivalent dermis.