Revolution in tissue engineering: SkinEthic RHE ACF



For the 1st ever in human engineered Reconstructed Epidermis: SkinEthicTM RHEACF


The EPISKIN brand new model !


Discover why this is an evolution of our SkinEthicTM RHE model but also a Revolution in tissue engineering by watching movie below:

(Click on picture below to launch video):



With SkinEthicTM RHEACF, not only tissue production is devoid of any animal component (3D phase) but also every single process from cells to raw materials have never seen any animal component (2D phase) !

SkinEthicTM RHEACF has the same characterization, same response to OECD evaluation tests as SkinEthicTM RHE.


To discover SkinEthicTM RHEACF, please follow this link to its own page or find it in the top menu: Models & Applications

SkinEthic RHE ACF