L’Oréal commitment in the develo pment, evaluation and validation of screening and testing approaches contributing to the 3Rs

Industry and the 3Rs : Challenges & ProgressScience is necessary … but cannot be commanded• Replacement is a reality in some areas of validation such as corrosion (10yrs) and skin irritation (8yrs).• Progress in skin sensitization is a reality and is very promising (joint effort academia-industry).• A long way from having solutions to complex endpoints such as chronic toxicities.• A strong need from all experts and partners (industry, European Commission, academia, associations,regulators and all stakeholders) to continue on the 3Rs synergistic effort.Integration is required• Combination of “in silico + read across + scientific approaches suitable for industry and validated by all peers.in vitro strategies” to move forward and assure realistic robustSynergic phases• Accelerate scientific validation processes and regulatory acceptance.• Worldwide recognition of scientific progress is a must.• Networking and gaining acceptance from peers and regulatory communities.• Complementary to the European Commission Framework Programs and the US initiatives(e.g. a vision for toxicology in the 21st Century )