2004 FEMS Yeast Res. 2004 Jan;4(4-5):401-8.
Institute of General Botany, Phytopathology and Genetics AMPIII, University of Hamburg, Ohnhorststrasse 18, 22609 Hamburg, Germany.

Expression analysis of the Candida albicans lipase gene family during experimental infections and in patient samples.

Secreted lipases of Candida albicans are encoded by a gene family with at least 10 members (LIP1-LIP10). The expression pattern of this multigene family was investigated using reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction in experimental infections and in samples of patients suffering from oral candidosis. The findings illustrate that individual lipase genes are differentially regulated in a mouse model of systemic candidosis with some members showing sustained expression and others being transiently expressed or even silent. The lipase gene expression profile depended on the stage of infection rather than on the organ localization. This temporal regulation of lipase gene expression was also detected in an experimental model of oral candidosis. Furthermore, the expression of candidal lipase genes in human specimens is shown for the first time.