2003 Int J Dermatol 2003 Mar ;42 (3):219-23
Prague Burn Center, 3rd Faculty of Medicine, Center of Cell Therapy and Tissue Repair, Czech Republic.

Reconstruction of epidermis by grafting of keratinocytes cultured on polymer support--clinical study

BACKGROUND: Extensive wound coverage still represents a challenge for contemporary medicine. We demonstrate the results of a clinical trial of the grafting of cultured keratinocytes directly on a polymer cultivation support in the treatment of skin defects in seriously burned patients and in patients with trophic ulcers. METHODS: Wound closure was evaluated clinically. The morphology and phenotypic pattern of the reconstructed epidermis, including the basal lamina, as well as the presence of Langerhans cells, were evaluated immunocytochemically using a panel of monoclonal antibodies. RESULTS: All layers of the reconstructed epidermis were normally differentiated (cytokeratin immunocytochemistry). The basal lamina contained collagen type IV and laminin. The reconstructed epidermis was extensively colonized by Langerhans cells. CONCLUSIONS: The results of the described technology are encouraging, especially in patients after a burn injury. The described procedure is suitable for the treatment of skin defects in clinical practice.