AUTHORS : Tupker R A

2003 Contact Dermatitis 2003 ;49 (2):61-9
Department of Dermatology, Antonius Hospital, NL-3430 EM Nieuwegein, The Netherlands. [email protected]

Prediction of irritancy in the human skin irritancy model and occupational setting

It is of great importance to find ways to lower the incidence of chronic irritant contact dermatitis. In this process, it is crucial to have insight in the factors that can predict irritancy. This review offers a survey of recent findings in the field of skin irritancy testing, discussed in the context of renowned, older work. Extrinsic and intrinsic factors that may determine the outcome of irritancy testing in the human skin model are considered. In recent decades, there has been increasing interest in factors influencing the development of occupational dermatitis by means of prospective cohort studies. This promising new area of investigation is discussed separately.