AUTHORS : Bessou S. Taieb A


1996 Aktuelle Dermatologie 1996 ;22 (Suppl. 2):67-69
Service de Dermatologie, Hopital Pellegrin Enfants, 168, Course de l'Argonne,F-33076 Bordeaux Cedex

Ex vivo reconstruction of the epidermis by melanocytes: Status of development and future perspectives

There are very promising starting points for the development of models for the reconstruction of epidermis with the help of melanocytes. Screening procedures for relevant molecules have been developed for testing pharmacological and cosmetic substances which may possibly attack pigmentation and have been found to have a better predictive value than those for melanocyte monolayers. Furthermore, pathophysiological and therapeutic aspects of pigment disorders in human skin have been investigated ex vivo or after transplantation of reconstructed epidermis to the naked mouse. In the present article, the most important steps in such models are described exemplarily.