1992 J INVEST DERMATOL. Journal of Investigative Dermatology 1992 ;99 (5):639-644
Cnt. Internat. Recherches Dermatolog, Galderma (CIRD GALDERMA), Sofia Antipolis,F-06565 Valbonne

Differential expression of calgranulin A and B in various epithelial cell lines and reconstructed epidermis

The monoclonal antibody F12, raised against epidermal cells from a psoriatic lesion, decorated antigens highly expressed in psoriatic epidermis and in cultured normal human keratinocytes. In normal human skin, F12 reacted only with follicular keratinocytes. Characterization of the immunoprecipitated antigens by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis revealed their identity with calgranulin A and B. A semiquantitative study with various established epithelial cell lines demonstrated that the expression of calgranulin A and B in hyperproliferative keratinocytes correlates with their potential to undergo terminal differentiation. In epidermis reconstructed in vitro, the antigen expression was stimulated by retinoids and suppressed under vitamin A starvation.