SkinEthic RHE more robust and reproducible than ever



Three decades ago, the creation of SkinEthicTM RHE model has revolutionized the tissue engineering science. Contrary to the conventional technics of reconstruction, SkinEthicTM RHE was developed with a chemically defined, serum free medium, and it is mass-produced at an industrial scale. Human tissue engineering has entered into a new era thanks to this pioneering technology.

Since then, SkinEthicTM RHE has multiplied the regulatory recognitions with ECVAM, OECD and ISO validations (TG 431/439 and ISO 10993-23). More importantly, to date, close to 1.000.000 units of SkinEthicTM RHE model have been sold worldwide and over 258 peer reviewed papers have been published, helping scientists in the safety and efficacy evaluation of chemicals as well as their various research and discovery needs.

EPISKIN did not stop here.

Our strong belief in science and our continuous improvement thanks to our ISO 9001 certification strongly motivate us to push the boundaries of human tissue engineering.
We then achieved a meticulous work on the biocomponents used during the process of reconstruction to improve their definition and traceability. Thanks to the strong commitment and the exceptional support we received from our internal Research teams and the tremendous partnership with our suppliers, we secured every single step of the production process. We can proudly guarantee that SkinEthicTM RHE production is 100% secured and traceable from tissue to tissue.

This quest of quality is part of our DNA at EPISKIN and a strong motivation for all EPISKIN teams to deliver high quality products. In fact ever since the creation of our company, we have been working in this direction. We are now leveraging new technologies and capabilities to get our models more robust and reproducible than ever.


We will update you soon with our next innovations.

SkinEthicTM RHE complete description on its dedicatd webpage and available directly on our online ordering tool.



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