Episkin Academy created in China

Shanghai, December 3rd, 2015



L'Oreal China and Shanghai EPISKIN Biotechnology Ltd. announced the creation of the EPISKIN Academy in China.Episkin Academy China
Through training and technical collaborations, the Academy will work with Chinese scientists, key opinion leaders, students and future stakeholders in terms of scientific and regulatory issues for alternatives to animal testing in field of safety, toxicology and efficacy as well as in other relevant areas.

To further promote the reconstructed skin models through marketing, L'Oréal China and EPISKIN SA created Shanghai EPISKIN Biotechnology Ltd. in 2014 to produce reconstructed skin models according to high quality standards in the industry. The models will be used primarily for research on skin tissue engineering and testing. This time the creation of the EPISKIN Academy will certainly play an important role in promoting in vitro skin models in the industry.

"In China, the Academy will work closely with various parties to promote the reconstructed skin models and alternative methods in China, and will strive to become a key scientific resource to further stimulate innovation in the Chinese cosmetics industry" said Dr. Christian Pellevoisin, scientific Director of the EPISKIN Academy.

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