EPISKIN brand new center in Brazil





World pioneer in tissue bioengineering provides technology to encourage alternative methods in Brazil with internationally validated models

Rio de Janeiro, September 9, 2019 - A step ahead of the September 24 deadline set by the resolution of the National Council for Animal Experimentation Control (CONCEA), which will ban the use of animals for safety testing whenever there is a validated alternative, L'Oréal today welcomes EPISKIN's Brazilian subsidiary at its Rio de Janeiro Research and Innovation Center.

EPISKIN is a world leader in tissue bioengineering for alternative methods. The company produces reconstructed skin and various epithelial tissues under strict quality control and makes this technology available in several countries around the world, not only for L'Oréal Research & Innovation, but also for other companies, research groups or test centers. These tissues are validated tools to be used as alternative methods, ie to replace animal testing in safety testing.

With the launch of EPISKIN in Brazil, these reconstructed human skin models and all associated safety methods will be made available to the Brazilian and Latin American scientific community for product testing purposes. Several laboratories and other sectors, such as cosmetics, sanitizers, toys, teaching materials, pharmaceuticals, medical and agrochemical devices, among others, may have access to this alternative method.

“We already use Brazilian-made tissues for training and dissemination of alternative methods and this has already contributed to reducing animal testing in Brazil with various types of products. The opening of this EPISKIN subsidiary shows our long-term commitment to Brazil and reinforces L'Oréal's shared scientific excellence with the country, ”says Rodrigo De Vecchi, CEO of EPISKIN Brazil.

As a global pioneer in reconstructed human skin models, L'Oréal has been working hard to promote alternative methods for nearly 40 years, encouraging new local regulations to ban animal testing.
“L'Oréal has helped validate several alternative methods in Europe, such as eye irritation and skin sensitization, and we continue to share these new achievements in countries whose regulations are still evolving, such as Brazil,” says Charbel Bouez, vice president of advanced research. of L'Oréal Americas and President of EPISKIN SA.

Thanks to this subsidiary in Brazil, EPISKIN consolidates its presence in three major continents: Europe, Asia and America.


To visit EPISKIN Brazil website, just click on the upright link on EPISKIN home page or follow this direct link: www.episkin.com/br