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How much do you know EPISKIN and our main missions? 


Who we are, what we do...Discover an easy way to discover our core business by watching this movie below.


We innovate since 1992 for a better science in producing advanced, relevant and robust in vitro 3D models allowing our users to predict human response. Very strict and unique quality controls help us to supply unmatched quality models.

Our innovation, your science.


We dedicate all our expertise, strengths and skills to be the world leader in tissue engineering for in vitro testing and research. No compromise.
Our one and only core business is supplying advanced and relevant tissues to the scientific community and partnering with added value testing laboratories.

Our commitment, your satisfaction.


We deliver worldwide, serving all customers with our 3 partners in India, Korea and Japan and with our 2 subsidiaries in Brazil and China and our headquarters in France.

You order, we deliver.


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