Citizen Day 2024

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Very beautiful moments of sharing and solidarity during Citizen Day!


The EPISKIN team was spread across different associations to share moments of solidarity and very strong exchanges.



4 associations were selected this year:

  • “Un petit bagage d’amour” in Lyon opened its doors to us to provide optimal storage for the next hours.
    The objective? Providing luggage for mothers in great difficulty and allowing them and their newborns/young children to have clean clothes in their size.

    Thank you for the welcome and THANK YOU to these volunteers who give their time all year round!


  • J.J. Rousseau Medical-Educational Institute in Vénissieux (OVE Foundation) : Painting Mission with a team of young people with disabilities and their educators to renovate part of their living space. A great day of discovery, sharing and exchanges, very enriching on both sides!


  • Les Jardins du Coeur: We helped with the planting of chives, eggplants, melons in the greenhouses and prepared 6 new growing beds with planting tomatoes, squash, strawberries, etc.
    Picking, watering and mulching of the beds made the same morning and beautiful moments of sharing around a picnic!


  • For this 2nd edition alongside the Foyer Notre Dame des Sans Abris, our team of volunteers headed to the association’s collection center.
    On the program, sorting school supplies in preparation for the start of the school year. Above all, the opportunity for a wonderful moment of exchange with the “passengers” undergoing reintegration and the supervising team with their unwavering energy!


A big thank you to all the association volunteers and a big thank you to the EPISKIN teams for their actions during this Citizen Day but also throughout the year for many of them.


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