Are you biocompatible?

Are you biocompatible?


ISO 10993: Are you biocompatible?


Tackle Testing Methods, Evaluations, Risk and Regulations With Competent Authority, Notified Body and Industry Guidance. 


Dr Christian Pellevoisin from EPISKIN Academy will do a presentation on November 21st, CCIB, in Barcelona, Spain.


Assessing alternatives to animal testing: Changing the paradigm from in vivo to in vitro toxicology:

  • Examining alternative available methods to predict biocompatibility
  • Strategies for demonstrating the value of in vitro methods to predict biocompatibility
  • Validation of skin irritation on 3D models to replace animal testing
  • Latest developments in skin sensitization and perspectives for biomedical devices
  • Assessing the need for positive materials with good human data to validate existing assays in vitro

Presentation will be held from 09:10 to 09:45.


If you want to learn more about presentation and book this session you can check website: