1st International forum on quality evaluation of medical devices in China



First International Forum on Quality Evaluation of Medical Devices and Biomaterials

The Shandong Medical Device Product Quality Inspection Center held a lecture on the quality and safety evaluation of medical devices and biomaterials and the first international forum on quality evaluation of medical devices and biomaterials to further promote the improvement of the quality evaluation of biomaterials and medical devices, and promote the industry.

The first International Forum on Medical Device and Biomaterial Quality and Safety Evaluation jointly sponsored by Shandong Materials Biology Evaluation Branch and China Biomaterials Society will be held in Jinan, Shandong Province in September 2019.

This forum will bring together experts and scholars from different domestic and international review and approval, inspection and testing, research institutions and industrial enterprises to evaluate the quality of medical devices, focusing on the chemical characterization of medical devices and biological materials, biological evaluation and quality around medical devices.

Safety evaluation related to pre-clinical large animal experiments, integrating the three major cities of production, learning, research, the application of the latest hot topics, research progress and technical difficulties, such as academic reports, experience exchange and technology display.

In order to promote the development of medical device biomaterials quality and safety in the new situation, the new power of the committee will gather in Jinan to participate in the academic event!

September 23-25, 2019: Jinan Yinhuada Hotel ( No.1, Lvxi Caidang, Longxi Road, South Lixia District, E1, 0,531,058,999).


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