The 8th International Congress of ASIATOX



EPISKIN and the EPISKIN Academy will attend the 8th congress of Asian Society of Toxicology in Pattaya, Thailand, from June 17th to 20th, 2018.


Come and visit us at booth #6 to discover our new poster:


Essential Compliance Study Of Three OECD Validated EPISKIN Models After A Long Distance Shipment

Florence Innamorato1, Mylène Pelleter1, Anaïs Jensen1, Alain Alonso1, Yuki Sato², Fumi Tsukui3, Daiki Kyoutani3, SiewTein Wang4, Boonhoe Neo4, Diah Bramono4,

Deena Abdelhalim5, I-Chien Liao5, Michel Bataillon1.

1 EPISKIN, Lyon, France; 2 Cosmos, Tokyo, Japan; 3 Nikoderm Research Inc., Osaka, Japan; 4 L’Oréal R&I, Singapore; 5 L’Oréal USA, Clark NJ, United States of America 



The EPISKIN Academy program:


  • A new poster:

Adding the immune component in reconstructed human skin and eye epithelia models

Florent Sahuc1, Damien Benas1, Mélanie Ligouis2, Lucie Mondoulet2, Marisa Meloni3, Gaëlle Douillard4, Anne Sophie Rigaudeau1, Valéry Segaud1, Jean Marc Ovigne1, Christian Pellevoisin1

1EPISKIN Academy, Lyon, France - 2DBV Technologies, Bagneux, France - 3Vitroscreen, Milan, Italy - 4GSK, Les ullis, France



  • Oral presentation:

 Development of alternative to animal testing methods for biocompatibility of medical devices can benefit from the experience acquired in the cosmetics industry

Christian Pellevoisin

EPISKIN Academy, Lyon, France



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